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  • Paul

    Really great store. Card came within two days and looks great. Thank you!

  • Sascha

    I've ordered two ID cards and the quality is just great!

  • Edward

    Great quality of the cards! They look better than on pictures!

  • Laura

    Everything went fine and fast. The ID card looks very real and helped me a lot!

  • Edin

    Very good ID card! Super quality and great communication!

  • Katrina

    The best you can buy online!

  • Alex

    Nice ID! I'm very happy with it and will order again!

  • Marleen

    Had a very good experience with the website! Everything worked out great, although I live in the America.

  • Vlora

    Very reputable! ID came after about a week and the hologram makes it look super real!

  • Steven

    An extremely friendly and courteous service.

  • Lorenzo

    I liked that I was able to go to places with my ID. I like how it looks, too!

  • Luca

    Great provider, fast delivery und good quality! Would recommend them to everyone!

  • Sofia

    I'm totally satisfied with the card I've ordered. It looks real!

  • Stephanie

    Everything is super! Thanks.

  • Samael

    Good ;)

  • Julian

    Fast delivery, good quality!

  • Dari

    Simply fast! Looks totally real! Top ID!

  • Luca

    Super seller, fast shipping and good quality. I can recommend them to anyone!

  • Paulina

    Everything great!

  • Robyn

    I'm happy!

  • Machura

    Top professional work!

  • Nick

    Everything was great and fast! Will recommend!

  • Lydia

    Super customer service, fast delivery, perfect quality!

  • Sabine

    The fake id has been sent to america very quickly, which I find very commendable!

  • Sophie

    I was more than happy!

  • Markus

    Top products! I can only recommend!

  • Dorian

    Very good and very fast I will buy again !!!!! Super fast

  • Sabine

    The payment was a bit hard ... because I did not know exactly how to pay. However, everything worked out perfectly !!

  • Sabine

    The service is easy to understand and the website is well designed!

  • Keith

    Excellent, quality item and it works ;)

  • David

    Good fake id, got here very fast.

  • Alexis

    Easy payment and delivery!

  • Florian

    The quality is impressive and convincing, no ominous impression. I can recommend it.

  • Gabe

    The card was very legit And They ship superfast. I received mine in 6 days and in from the united states. There's some dirt under the hologram but its not really noticeable. the build that solid and its the size of my chase credit card. very very realistic.I totally would recommend this to others. :)

  • Christoph

    Ingenious. I'm lovin it :D

  • Elio

    Good service, delivery within one week .. great value for money. Needed the ID card for america.

  • Puyan

    Looks super professional. Thank you.

  • Christina

    I am very satisfied!

  • Kai

    Totally real these fake ID's ...

  • Jennifer

    I got the ID card, although not yet used. I can't say whether it works or not but it looks pretty good .. a good fake :-) would recommend!

  • Toni

    No critics!

  • Saskia

    Fast and reliable! Also super fast delivery to abroad !!

  • Julian

    I am very happy with the service and would always recommend this provider!

  • Victoria

    It's just great that fake-id.de ships out their ID's for free all over the world! It was also very easy to create the card. Simply a good service with a simple statement!

  • Christian

    First-class quality. Fast delivery. Fair price. Gladly again!

  • Janis

    This is the only shop of its kind that I have found and I am very satisfied. The price is absolutely fair, the shipment was very fast.

  • Silvia

    Fast Sevice and Good quality. Very satisfied.

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